Sometimes the soul deserves a break. After enjoying abundantly the tranquility within nature, you can now let your mind wander in absolute freedom in our SPA with soft lights, relaxing sounds and scents reminiscent of those of the precious flowers and aromatic plants of our beautiful mountains ... mind and body align, rediscovering their original balance.


Regular sessions in our classic Finnish sauna have a stabilizing and stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system, activate the immune system and purify the body. It is the ideal place to let your soul wander, clear your mind and focus on the essential aspects.
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After long days spent on the snow and on the rugged slopes of the Dolomites there is nothing better than abandoning yourself to the warm embrace of a sauna to relax your muscles and mind. In the wellness center of Arnika Dolomiti Move Hotel you will find a biosauna, a state-of-the-art sauna that combines the benefits of a Turkish bath and those of a traditional sauna. The temperature inside the biosauna is about 40 ° C, with a slight humidity, which makes the treatment particularly suitable for those who cannot stand the high temperatures of the sauna. The steam that you breathe in the environment brings with it the aroma of herbs and aromatic essences that evoke the pleasant aromas of the hay of our valley.
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Our whirlpool tub will be a precious travel companion, which you will look forward to see at the end of the day, after so much physical activity in the open air. The jets of the whirlpool perform a massaging and anti-fatigue function, attenuate the pains in the joints and relax the contracted muscles, improve circulation and relax the nervous system. A real healthy touch for sportsmen and for all those who love taking care of their body. The hot tub welcomes up to 4 people at a time and is lit by low lights to allow our guests to relax in an intimate and peaceful atmosphere.
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Turkish bath

Let yourself be caressed by the delicate mist of the steam, with the addition of natural aromas, the aromatic Turkish bath, with a temperature of 45 ° C, stimulates the vascularization, cleanses the skin and calms breathing. Thanks to the relaxing interaction of heat and moisture, the body and soul are calmed and spoiled in equal measure. Immersing yourself in steam is an ancient ritual with extraordinary beneficial effects for body and mind. Steam has the power to gently dissolve muscle tension, reduce rheumatic pain and improve the circulatory system. But that's not all, the steam takes care of your beauty too, after a nice steam bath your skin will appear brighter and softer at once. Let yourself be seduced by these “almost magical” steam jets ... and for an energizing effect abandoned to the lightness of a cold shower after the treatment, you will experience a feeling of profound well-being, try it!
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Relaxation area

The relaxation area of our wellness center has ample spaces, soft lighting and sweet sounds to pamper you during your moments of rest in rest. You will be able to intersperse the Turkish bath, the biosauna or the baths in the whirlpool bath, relaxing on the comfortable sunbeds, abandoning all thoughts. In the herbal tea corner you will always find at your disposal: hot infusions and herbal teas, fresh fruit juices and energy drinks, to be sipped in total relaxation. Take time for yourself and let yourself be captivated by this enveloping atmosphere.
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