Flavors, nature, culture and lots of sport in the heart of the Dolomites

Val di Fassa is located in the North East of Trentino, an extraordinary natural empire set among the most spectacular and famous peaks of the Dolomites, such as Catinaccio, and Sella. This enchanting land is a treasure chest that contains natural gems of rare beauty and ancient traditions. In addition to being a paradise for sportsmen, Val di Fassa also offers a lot to those who appreciate typical products, unspoiled nature and well-being.

A breathtaking show

Everything here is catalyzed by majestic rock walls, lush woods, enchanted valleys, mountain huts, mountain huts and picturesque high altitude ponds. It is a show that never ceases to excite, Enrosadira, when the peaks at dawn and dusk are tinged with the most incredible shades of red. The villages have maintained that unique mountain character, thanks also to the use of wood. The "tobie" (barns in Ladin) testify the deep respect, passion and love of the local population for the Ladin culture and traditions.
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Natural sources of thermal water

The thermal water springs are one of the great riches of this land and favor the presence of state-of-the-art wellness centers, such as the new and renowned center QC Terme Dolomiti, where you can devote yourself to taking care of yourself and indulging in deep and total relaxation. In addition to being an open-air gym, Val di Fassa offers outstanding sporting events such as the Marcialonga in winter, and the Sella Ronda Hero mtb- Marathon and the Marcialonga Running, during the summer months.
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The flavors of Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa is a popular destination for all those who love good food, Trentino has a strong food and wine identity and offers products of the highest quality. You can let yourself be guided by taste in itineraries dedicated to the pleasures of the palate such as the Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti di Fassa (Fassa Dolomites’ Cheese Road), Fiemme and Primiero, a gastronomic journey that allows you to discover the genuine and authentic flavors of local cheeses such as the Puzzone di Moena, the Dolomiti or the delicious mountain cheeses. But the culinary excellences also extend to the different types of honey, meats, cured meats, dairy products, wine and of course the apple strudel, which you can enjoy by going through mountain pastures, old shops and high altitude shelters.
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Culture and traditions

Val di Fassa is one of the few valleys where the Ladin language is still spoken and we are very proud of this. In our territory the Ladin culture and traditions are still very much alive today and are part of our everyday life. To learn about Ladin art, folklore and legends, we recommend visiting the Museo Ladin de Fascia in Pozza. A place where time has magically stopped and where one can live according to the slow rhythms of mountain life.
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The events in
Val di Fassa

Another very pleasant way to learn about our traditions is to take part in the numerous events that are arranged in Val di Fassa during the year, including: Te Anter i Tobiè, Gran Festa da d'Istà, Fassano Carnival or Fascian Carnascer and the Festa ta Mont in Val San Nicolò. Music lovers must not miss Suoni delle Dolomiti (Sounds of the Dolomites), a concert festival featuring some of the greatest Italian and international music artists, who will perform at high altitudes in July and August, turning the Dolomites into a natural theater.
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